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Asset Protection & Estate Planning Strategies

The unfortunate reality for physicians is that at some point in their careers they will likely become the target of a lawsuit. Many physicians understand it’s not a matter of "if" but "when".

We understand that our clients are at risk for judgments not only from malpractice cases but from failed marriages, bad investment decisions, and accidents associated with real estate or other investments. We help our clients protect their assets from judgments, title property correctly and take steps to make themselves less likely targets of lawsuits.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles most physicians face in protecting their assets is procrastination. Just like patients who postpone visits to their doctor often find after the visit that their condition is much worse than they expected, physicians who postpone meeting with a financial advisor often learn that they should have begun planning much earlier for better financial health and to potentially maximize their financial strength: Call today for a complimentary consultation.